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An Insurance to Joint & Muscle disease
Disease of Bone and Muscles
Our bones, muscles connective tissue and joint hold us together, enabling us to move and give form to our bodies. This system is used and often misused a lot and as consequences it suffers from wear and tear. The health of the bones and muscles depends not only on their use, but also on the metabolism diet and life style.
If the body’s bio-chemical and metabolic processes are not working properly, the body will be subjected to a great deal of strain as it attempts to remove waster products and toxins. If this continues (which it often does and goes unnoticed) toxins are able to accumulate in the connective tissues of the joints, this is the early stage for the development of rheumatism and arthritis. This is particularly the key for the people who have genetic pre-disposition for the development of these conditions.
BonYssal has a great deal to offer in the treatment of these and other de-generative conditions of the bone and the muscles. The symptoms of these conditions are swelling, redness, heat, pain, stiffness and numbness of the joints.
The most common Bones and Muscles diseases where BonYssal play a vital role. Ankylosing, Fpondylitis, Bursitits, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Oesto-Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) & Tendonitis.
Composition of BonYssal:
BonYssal provides Guggul (botanically known as Commiphora Mukul) Guggul is a small shrub bearing thorn on its branches red in color and bears fruits that are elliptical in shape and soft in nature. Guggul is a valuable herbal medicine and is widely used for obesity and cholesterol also known as fat burning agent. Guggul contains strong purifying and rejuvenating properties and its lipid regulating. As early as 600 BC Ayurvedic physician in India described a disease marked by over eating of fatty food, lack of exercise, impaired metabolism and the coating and the obstruction of channels, they called it Medo Roga (Today known as Arthrosclerosis) they used Guggul.
The active ingredient boswellic acid helps to promote a healthy immune response so that with sustained use boswellia can help and maintain the steady blood flow to the joints, supporting joint tissues, ability to boost flexibility and strength. Clinical trials have confirmed the anti-inflammatory activity of boswellic acid.
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