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Promoting healthy heart
Flaxseed or linseed oil (Linium usitissimeum) also known as healing oil derived from slender annual that grows upto a meter high and bears blue flowers. The flaxseed oil and the seeds are used for therapeutic purpose.
Flaxssal consists of
  • Alpha Linolenic Acid provides Omega3 fatty acid- highly useful for protecting against heart disease.
  • Omega 6 fatty acid in form of linolenic acid useful for nerve disorders.
  • Lignans beneficial effects on various hormones fight cancer, Bacteria, Fungus and Viruses.
  • Flaxssal is a potent source of Essential fatty acids (EFAs), critical to health which body cannot back on its own.
Major benefits of Flaxssal
It protects cell membrane.
Lowers cholesterol thereby treating Angina and High Blood pressure.
Anti-inflammatory properties help in Lupus / Gout.
Prevents and dissolve gall stones.
Builds up Hair / Nail / Skin texture.
Stimulates nerve transmission hence very supportive in Parkinson's, Alzheimer's or nerve damages from diabetes.
Fight fatigue, relief of constipation and diverticular complaints.
Flaxssal have Cancer fighting properties, reduces risk of Breast / Colon / Prostate and Skin cancer.
Flaxssal contains phyto-oestrogen which mimic the female Sex hormone oestrogen thereby very helpful in regularizing menstrual cycle, balances the ratio of oestrogen to progesterone. Relieves menstrual cramps, enhances uterine health and Fertility.
Because of Anti-inflammatory property of Flaxssal it reduces menstrual cramps and pain of cyclic breast disorder.
Flaxssal also helps in treating Male infertility and Prostate problems, Because of its Anti-microbial properties, Flaxssal is very helpful in cold source and shingles.
Since Flaxssal contains cold pressed Flaxseed oil it should be kept away from direct sunlight, heat and should be stored in refrigerator.
Omega-3 fatty acid in Flaxssal plays a key role in a range of vital body process, from regulating Blood pressure and Blood clotting to reducing Inflammation and boosting the Immune system.
The presence of Omega-3 in Flaxssal make platelets in the blood, less likely clump together and form the clots that leads to Heart attack.
Omega-3 in Flaxssal reduces Triglycerides (blood fats related to cholesterol) and lowers blood pressures.
Omega-3 in Flaxssal also strengthens Heart's electrical system, Preventing Heart rhythm abnormalities.
Store in cool, dry and away from sunlight.
Pregnant, Nursing, Under Medication and Children below 14 years may consult physician before use.
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