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About Us  
  The Organization Known as ''AbYssal .... the end...... where the life begins'' The organization backed by highly trained, experienced professionals from the field of nutritional supplements over the last 30 years.  
  •   R&D

    AbYssal has the battery of Research Scientists who contribute and abreast the latest findings and development in the field of treating the ailments, disease or disorders.


    AbYssal endeavors to provide the best and the rational health supplements, which are derived / extracted from the herbs, plants and other natural sources.

  •   VISION

    The Aim & Motto of the AbYssal is to enhance the health of the individual and treat the illness with natural supplements.


    After intense market survey, AbYssal determined to take care of the following few major health segments, to start with :- Diabetes, Musculo-skeletal health disorders, Mental health, Anxiety & Depression, Strength & Vigor, Rejuvenator, Digestive disorders, Blood building and Blood circulations, Antioxidants and Detoxification.

    AbYssal will also launch other supplements to take care of Mineral deficiency, these minerals will be first of its kind with unique Morphology.

    Also we are on the verge to launch Antibiotics, Personal care , Beauty care and other Essentials supplements using Nano-technology, there by optimizing efficacy of the supplements.


    AbYssal welcomes and wishes best of health, wealth and well-being to all our entrepreneurs.

    With Love And Regards
    AbYssal Team
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